"To say that Adam is God is, of course, opposed utterly and completely to the scriptures as well as to our Articles of Faith,...to say that we have nothing to do with 'any God but Adam,'...violates all the teachings of the gospel of Christ, who taught us to pray to the Father in the name of Christ,..." (Adam: Who Is He? page 14) "Elder Charles C. Rich, of the Council of the Twelve, was present on a day when President Young gave an address that was wrongly reported as saying Adam was Deity. In the copy of the Journal of Discourses that he had, Elder Rich referred to the misquotation as it appears in the Journal of Discourses, and in his own hand he wrote the following as the correct statement made by President Young: 'Jesus our elder Brother, was begotten in the flesh by the same character who talked with Adam in the Garden of Eden, and who is our Heavenly Father.' (This signed statement is in the hands of the Church Historian.)... "On the face of it the mistake is obvious and was quickly noted by Elder Rich, who was present and heard the sermon. Hence the correction that he made." (Adam: Who Is He? pages 16-17) --- "This leads us to some serious questions: Some say that Adam was God the Eternal Father. Yet Adam sinned. Does God sin? Would our God and Father require baptism to free him from sin? Shall we say that God the Father could—or did—sin? If God were to sin, would he not cease to be God? So again the Adam-God fable is shown to be a ridiculous contradiction." http://www.caic.org.au/lds/adam_gd1.htm (Main chapter is titled, "Adam Was Not Deity")