## Description Elden Watson writes, > "Possibly the most clear and definitive statement available on the subject is one which was written by Reed C. Durham after a telephone conversation with Bruce R. McConkie in 1966. I personally presented a copy of this statement to Brother McConkie in Dec of 1982 and asked if he would verify it. After reviewing it, Br. McConkie said that it accurately expressed his understanding." http://www.eldenwatson.net/7AdamGod.htm #Text Adam - God Statement I phoned B. R. McConkie on Friday afternoon, April 29th 1966, at his home in regard to his commentary of Luke 3:38 in his new text on the New Testament. He answered that he had purposely left the door opened on that Point. He said it was a true doctrine that God the Father, Eloheim, a divine resurrected being came down to this earth after its creation, with a wife and produced in the natural way of sexual intercourse, a child who grew up and became known as ADAM. They did the same and brought forth a girl who grew up and became EVE. They had bodies of flesh and bone etc., but were not mortal (not till they fell). They (Adam and Eve) were not resurrected and not translated beings. God really did create their bodies on this earth. They were not transported here (only their spirits). He then said that his father-in-law told him that was a true doctrine; that it had been taught a great deal by President J. F. Smith (6th president). He also added that President Joseph Fielding Smith said it was too deep now for most saints--that's the reason for saying about the creation of Adam and Eve in the temple, "It's only figurative ..." Reed C. Durham, Jr.