"SPANISH FORK—LDS church members of the Palmyra stake were warned to beware of certain false doctrines now being taught in some places among church members—and to stamp out such evil ideas, should they encounter them—as they listened to an address delivered Sunday in two sessions of a stake quarterly conference by Milton R. Hunter, who represented the church authorities. "Lashing out at persons who expound the belief that Adam is the God of this world, Elder Hunter stated that such doctrine is false and impossible and must be destroyed. 'The idea that Adam is the God of this world or that he was transplanted here from another planet is false and misleading,' he declared. 'For our scriptures prove them false, and the theory of Adam's being transplanted would involve a belief in reincarnation, which this church condemns as also being untrue.' "He then climaxed his address with a summary of the relationship of 'Adam to ourselves' and our position in relationship to God." Milton R. Hunter, Provo Herald, March 22, 1949, p. 9 http://www.scribd.com/doc/77735030/Milton-R-Hunter-Provo-Herald-March-22-1949-p-9