## Description According to Elden Watson, the following "was later republished in volume 1 of a three volume set which was a collection of the "Evidences and Reconciliations" articles. It appeared again in a one volume reprint of the three volume set published in 1960." http://www.eldenwatson.net/7AdamGod.htm ## Text "Brigham Young's much-discussed sermon says that 'Jesus was begotten in the flesh by the same character that was in the Garden of Eden and who is our Father in heaven.' Enemies of the Church, or stupid people, reading also that Adam is 'our father and our God.' have heralded far and wide that the Mormons believe that Jesus Christ was begotten of Adam. Yet, the rational reading of the whole sermon reveals the falsity of such a doctrine. It is explained that God the Father was in the Garden of Eden before Adam, that he was the Father of Adam and that this same personage, God the Father, who was in the Garden of Eden before Adam, was the Father of Jesus Christ, when the Son took upon himself a mortal body. That is, the same personage was the Father of Adam and of Jesus Christ. In the numerous published sermons of Brigham Young this is the doctrine that appears; none other. The assertion is repeatedly made that Jesus Christ was begotten by God, the Father, distinct by any stretch of imagination from Adam. This is a well-established Latter-day Saint doctrine." - John A. Widtsoe, _Improvement Era_ 46:769 (December 1943), cf. Evidences and Reconciliations, p. 56