"As a matter of fact, the 'Mormon' Church does not teach that doctrine. A few men in the 'Mormon' Church have held such views: and several of them quite prominent in the councils of the Church, but the Church has made announcement of no such doctrine, nor has the Church propounded it to the world and accepted it in any article of its faith. Here I invoke the principles laid down in the early part of my remarks; viz., that the Church may only rightly be charged with those doctrines with may be adduced from the official documents she herself sets forth as sources of her doctrine, the very revelations of God that she has officially accepted; and from these sources the above charge may not be proven. Brigham Young and others may have taught that doctrine, but it has never been accepted by the Church as her doctrine, and she is not in any way responsible for it." (Deseret News, July 23, 1921). http://books.google.com/books?id=f2jUAAAAMAAJ&dq=%22A%20few%20men%20in%20the%20'Mormon'%20Church%20have%20held%20such%20views%3A%20and%20several%20of%20them%20quite%20prominent%20in%20the%20councils%22&pg=PA94#v=onepage&q=%22A%20few%20men%20in%20the%20'Mormon'%20Church%20have%20held%20such%20views:%20and%20several%20of%20them%20quite%20prominent%20in%20the%20councils%22&f=false http://www.utlm.org/onlinebooks/changech8.htm