Feeling the need to give doctrinal correction, Charles W. Penrose stated the following at the overflow meeting of the April 1915 General Conference: "The Father told Him to go down and do certain things. He knew how to do them because He had seen the Father do them. He is the great eternal Christ, the Word of the living God, the Son of the Father, the first-born of all the children of God that afterwards tabernacled here on the earth. He was not Adam; Adam was not He: He gave commandments to Adam in the Garden. Adam worshiped the Father, and we worship the Father; we do not worship Adam. Adam is the head of the race, so far as the temporal body is concerned... But we are not to worship Adam: we worship the same being whom Adam worshiped. Adam worshiped the Father in the name of the Son, as you will see if you will take the Pearl of Great Price and read the writings of Moses about him and about Enoch."