Letter of F. D. Richards, Richards Family Collection, Franklin Dewey Richards Letterbook; Ms/f/318/reel 11; Dec 18, 1897. S.L. City Dec 18, 1897 President E. H. Nye, 915 Golden Gate Avenue, San Francisco, Cal. Dear Brother--- On receipt of your letter of the 4th inst., I conferred with Prest. Joseph F. Smith, and we concluded to present the matter to the Council of the First Presidency and Twelve Apostles. Both your letters to me, and the Article to the Fresno Republican, were read. Each of the Presidency and several of the Apostles expressed themselves well pleased with your article, that it evinced skill and valor for the Truth, and they did not see how it could be much improved. The Council did not deem it wise to lay out any line of procedure in which to deal with the subject, but felt that it is best to avoid bringing it up, and to do the best we can and as the Spirit may suggest when it is thrust upon us. Your having got so many of the Josephites was received with marks of particular pleasure. This, like many other points of more advanced doctrine, is too precious a pearl to be cast before swine. But when the swine get hold of them, let us rescue them by the help of the Spirit as best we can. Thinking it may be convenient to you to have President Youngs sayings on that subject, I enclose a copy from his sermon in the first Volume of the Journal of Discourses. We have been getting quite a streak of winter weather. . . http://user.xmission.com/~plporter/lds/ag4.htm http://books.google.com/books?id=ppd0lIbYKkwC&lpg=PA461&ots=hlGnLtkDVt&dq=%22But%20when%20the%20swine%20get%20hold%20of%20them%2C%20let%20us%20rescue%20them%20by%20the%20help%20of%20the%20Spirit%20as%20best%20we%20can%22&pg=PA458#v=onepage&q=%22But%20when%20the%20swine%20get%20hold%20of%20them,%20let%20us%20rescue%20them%20by%20the%20help%20of%20the%20Spirit%20as%20best%20we%20can%22&f=false