“Father (George Q. Cannon) asked me what I understood concerning Mary conceiving the Savior; and as I found no answer, he asked what was to prevent Father Adam from visiting and overshadowing the mother of Jesus? ‘Then,’ said I, ‘He must have been a resurrected being.’ ‘Yes,’ said he, ‘and though Christ is said to have been the fruits of them that slept, yet the Savior said he did nothing but what he had seen his Father do, for He had power to lay down His life and take it up again. Adam, though made of dust, was made, as pres. Young said, of the dust of another planet than this.’ I was very much instructed by the conversation and this day’s services.” -Diary of Abraham H. Cannon, Vol. 10, 1888, under heading “March”, pg. 16- http://afundamentalistview.wordpress.com/adam-god-doctrine/