Journal of Wilford Woodruff, CHO, Ms/f/115; May 6, 1855. I attended the Prayer-Circle where I had some interesting teaching from President Young in social conversation which was not reported. The following is a key to some of the principles he advanced. He referred to the preaching of Orson Pratt & Orson Hyde the sabbath (sp. Sabbath) before upon the subject of the resurrection. He said the identical particles of matter in which we had honored our spirits with, i.e., our tabernacles in which he had suffered, traveled, labored, & built up the kingdom of God, that would be the identical body & no other that would be raised from the grave to immortality & eternal life. Adam & Eve had lived upon another Earth, were immortal when they came here. Adam assisted in forming this earth & agreed to fall when he came here, & he fell that man might be & the opposite principle to good, the devil, the serpent, the evil, was placed upon the earth that man might know the good from the evil, for without an experience in these things man could not know the one from the other. As soon as the devil was on earth he sowed the seeds of death in everything so as soon as they began to eat of the fruit of the earth they received into their system the seeds of mortality & of death so their children were mortal & subject to death, sorrow, pain & wo. Then when they partook of life, joy, ease, & happiness, they would know how to prize it. Father Adam would never cease his labors to redeem his posterity & exalt them to all the glory they were capable of receiving. He did not doubt but that Father Adam knew in the beginning how many of his posterity would receive a Celestial glory & who they were & also a Terrestrial & a Telestial, yet man had his agency to act, choose & refuse good or evil as seemed him good & he would be rewarded according to his works. O. Pratt asks will Adam or any God continue to make worlds, people them, taste of death to redeem them---Answer: I have no doubt but it is his privilege but whether He will do it is a question in my mind. How then can his seed increase to all eternity through the increase of his posterity. Many other remarks were made by the President.